Creative Advanced Media ~ Hi-Tech Internet Marketing & Sales

Creative Advanced Media ~ Hi-Tech Internet Marketing & Sales

Creative Advanced Media ~ Hi-Tech Internet Marketing & Sales

Utilizing A Superior Combination Of Traditional Methods Blended With
Advanced Digital Media ~ Hi-Tech Internet Marketing & Sales Of Luxury Homes & Mansions.

During college, Alan was a co-creator and co-producer of TV commercials and a
creator of radio jingles.

Circa 1985, he co-produced and wrote the music for a TV commercial that was
to bring awareness to child abuse for the Child Crisis Center.  He was nominated
for an EMMY award and won several other awards including 1 Telly Award and
a 2 ADDY Awards.

Also in the 1980’s, The Phoenix Symphony was having financial troubles, about
to go bankrupt. Calls of urgency came in to Alan and his Friend to Produce a
commercial for the Phoenix Symphony to get the word out that The Phoenix
Symphony was in trouble and needed immediate financial help to survive.

The call came in on a Monday evening and that Friday, Alan and His Team were
at Symphony Hall recording the commercial for the organization. 

The commercial got the word out and the financial needs were satisfied to
save the organization and the Phoenix Symphony is now thriving to this very day.

In 1994, Alan started using the Internet and began marketing his listings on the
internet when the internet was
relatively unknown to the mass population. ” In
the early days of marketing my listings on the internet, I would get sign calls
and they would ask what was all the WWW stuff on my sign.  I would
tell the
caller that I have the home listing information on the world wide web.  The next
question I would get asked was… Did I work for the government?”

During the 90’s Alan would rent video cameras to shoot video of homes for his
out of state customers and send them a big VHS video tape so they could view
the homes.  That was a huge help to the
clients that were relocation as they
could pick out the homes they liked from the video so when they came to town,
they new exactly which homes they wanted to look at.

With Alan’s creative and production background and the development of
computers and high speed internet, it was apparent that streaming video
was going to be on it’s way to the mainstream.

In 2006 Alan purchased a new computer that could edit video and disconnected
his dial-up service and connected to the high speed internet.

Alan was the first in the valley to start using video to market his luxury home
listings and combining them with the latest advanced internet marketing techniques
that gave him access with precision to the the world wide market.

Alan’s years of advanced knowledge of how to market luxury homes & mansions
on the internet puts him miles ahead of the crowd …. no question.  “If one does
not understand how to use advanced marketing techniques with advanced digital
media on the internet, then the marketing of a luxury home or mansion is extremely
limited.” -AR

In 2009, Alan won an EMMY AWARD for Advanced Media / Motion Graphic Designer.

At a recent listing appointment for a $5 Million Dollar Luxury Home, The owner requested
Alan to put his video and the competing luxury agents video on the computer screen so

the property owner could compare side by side.

Alan produces his video, the other agent has to hire a company.  Because of that,
Alan’s video contains animation and special effects plus a professional voice over…
The other agents video was just a generic video with no voice over.

Then the property owner compared views.  The other agents video after 4 months
of being on the internet received 12 views.  While a video that Alan just put on the
internet a couple weeks prior had received  over 5 thousand views already.

Needless to say, Alan won the listing competition.

Alan is proactive with marketing his listings on the internet in ways the other don’t
do or don’t know how to do.

If you need to sell your luxury home or mansion or you have had your luxury home
or mansion on the market and it didn’t sell, Contact Alan, he would be glad to
help you. Just Call Alan Ripa, P.C.  at 480-998-0676